Winter is a time of rest and planning on the farm. We are busy ordering plant starts/seeds, mapping out the fields and more! We are open at the Public Market in Kennewick all Winter.

Winter in
the Garden.

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Life on
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Breaking Ground

Well, we have been talking about this, planning this, fretting over this for over a year now!  What is “this” thing that we are talking about????  It is the building aka “The Farm Store” we will be constructing on our farm and it is going to be pretty epic once it is complete!  Over the past 5 years, we have tried just about everything in our little business.  We felt that was the best way to see what would work best for us and with much guidance from God, we feel like we are narrowing most things down.

Our business has definitely changed over the past 5 years.  What started out as purely doing farmers markets, has now evolved into wholesale sales, designing for weddings & events, and growing our own produce!  We have evaluated and reevaluated our business at the end of each season and we know that we have grown greatly.  We have seen a huge increase in interest for the farm as well as a longing for ourselves to be at the farm more.  We have very much outgrown our workspace, which is Mom and Dad’s garage (not really sure the last time a car was parked in it?).  The floor is permanently stained brown, but there are so many good memories and designs that were created in that room.  We have built a business in that garage and now it is time to expand.  We know we have something very unique here and we wanted to create an equally unique space to design and showcase our farm fresh products!

At first, we thought we would just build a small design studio, but then we talked ourselves into making it bigger and why not showcase everything we do?  We not only grow flowers, we grow vegetables and raise our own beef.  We wanted this new space to function as our workspace but we wanted everyone to see us work and feel a part of it.  Customers will be able to come see the product growing in the field, see it being harvested, then seeing the displays of beautiful flower designs, delicious produce being sold and hey you might just need a steak and some eggs while you are there.  We will host design classes, farm to table dinners and so much more!  We want everyone who comes to visit us, to shop, stay and enjoy the atmosphere and not to mention the beautiful view of the Columbia River and the Blue Mountains.  We want this to be an experience for each person who walks through the door and then leave feeling the need to come back.  This will be our little mercantile where we can grow, create, display and sell everything that comes from our farm and share it all with you!

We hope that this building will provide us a home to create and we can now be at the farm more, which is where we love to be most!  So come visit us, follow us as I blog about the building process (I am sure it won’t always be easy nor pretty, but we have a pretty good sense of humor so we hope that gets us through this!).

The current status of this project is photographed below.  Dad has been running the CAT and John Deere loader (Luke does not approve of the John Deere part, but he says it’s ok for now), he has been leveling for the foundation.  The building will drop in the next couple of weeks so we will update you once that happens.

Well, please be thinking of us and say a few prayers.  We have a bit of an idea for the finish date, crossing our fingers for June but telling ourselves July maybe even August.  We hope to have a Grand Opening as well, this all sounds grand until the season starts and our lives are engulfed in flowers and everything else!

Thank you so much, here is to new adventures!


The Farm Store

Breaking Ground