Winter is a time of rest and planning on the farm. We are busy ordering plant starts/seeds, mapping out the fields and more! We are open at the Public Market in Kennewick all Winter.

Winter in
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Photo Fun

We have made so many great friends this past year and we were blessed to have met Jessica, owner of Photos With Jess through a wedding we did the florals for!  Her work is beautiful and she loves our flowers so of course, we hit if off!  I asked her if she would come out to the farm to take family photos and some photos of Mom and myself for media purposes and she was so kind to accept!

It is always such a bummer that when we actually have the time to do things like this……our fields are not so pretty anymore.  But we put Green Bean(the truck in our photos) to good use, as well as the water truck, stock trailer and the flower van to block the wind and sun!  The forecast showed rain, but there was no rain….there was so much wind and lots of sunshine, which is not so great for photos.  We were able to block some of the wind and we waited a bit for the sun to fall behind some pine trees and then it was magic!

Let me just tell you, Jess was wonderful, she never waivered and always had a smile on her face and was so patient with the kiddos.  We would highly recommend her to anyone!

Here is a sampling of our photo shoot and please go visit to see more of her work


2016-12-04-14-31-35-copy2016-12-04-14-29-09-3-copyThe whole Fam!

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Photo Fun