Winter is a time of rest and planning on the farm. We are busy ordering plant starts/seeds, mapping out the fields and more! We are open at the Public Market in Kennewick all Winter.

Winter in
the Garden.

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Life on
the Farm.

Farm Visit & Summer Sun

Since we are looking at snow arriving here this Monday, I thought we could take a look back at late summer and think about the warm sun and beautiful flowers in our fields!

We were contacted by local freelance writer, Rene Groom to interview us and visit the farm….we said “of course!!!”.  She visited with us for a good hour and then we gave her a tour of the flower fields, she got a look into one of the weddings we were designing, as well as some entertainment by Miss Hannah!  She took so many beautiful photos and went home and wrote an article that was published in the Agritimes (an agricultural publication).  I was amazed that she never wrote a word down on a piece of paper and remembered word for word what we had discussed!  If only my memory were so great!  She was a wonderful visitor and we were so happy she could see the farm and what we are all about, Rene, you are welcome here anytime!

Each photo below was taken by Rene, thank you for sharing your art with us!


This was a shot of Hannah throwing up rose petals!


14207719_10209370788080148_5689059058549769259_oThis smile is a ray of light for us all!

14207792_10209370787160125_2255827972375525702_oThese Lisis are gorgeous

14195407_10209370787280128_953130788209128898_oMom showing Rene our garden roses

14249952_10209370785400081_3532358768743484597_oA sea of Lisis

A14207740_10209370789400181_1733324353915169279_oA shot of our cute Flower roadside stand.

Farm Life

Farm Visit & Summer Sun