Summer is here and the lisianthus are starting to bloom! Dahlias have made an appearance as well. We are busy with markets and our new line of oils and vinegars. Fall Fling is Oct. 1st 11-3pm.

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Market at the Parkway – Goodbyes are Never Easy

Well, the 2016 market season is officially in the books.  The Market at the Parkway is a fantastic market and we are so thankful that we were able to get in 4 short years ago!  We have made so many vendor friends, customer friends and have found so many treats to purchase each week!

Our final market this past Friday was incredible!  We sold out of everything and it was so nice to see so many familiar faces and wish everyone a very relaxing winter season!

As the title reads…..Goodbyes are never easy, but we look forward to the next meeting, always!  Our sweet friend Evelyn (4) who has visited us regularly this Fall, comes each week and tells Mom which flowers she would like in her bouquet, she is so sweet.  This week, she ran up to my mom with the biggest smile and told her how much she loved her flower crown. (Mom and I were dressed up as Flower Fairies and we made our own flower crowns).  My mom placed it on top of her head and she was shaking with excitement…..she told my mom that she would just wear it while she was waiting for her custom bouquet;).  My mom mouthed to me…..”Is it ok if I give it to her?”……I said “Of course”!  You would have thought Mom had given Evelyn the MOON!  She was so excited and immediately asked if Mom could make her a bouquet yet.  With her hands full of flowers, my mom told her either Carol could help her or she could wait until my mom was finished with the bouquet in her hands….Evelyn politely said “I will wait.”  As Mom finished up Evelyn’s bouquet, she gave her a big hug and told her that she would see her in the Spring.  Evelyn slowly walked away toward her mom, flower crown on her head and bouquet in hand with the saddest face……then the tears came.  Mom and I both had tears in our eyes, it was the sweetest thing in the world!  It was settling in that she wouldn’t see her best flower friend for a whole 6 months.

We continued to make bouquets and say our goodbyes and then our sweet friend Betty arrived!  Betty has been getting flowers from us since the beginning!  She comes to our Fall Fling every year and this year we didn’t see her, she had another obligation.  This was the first time we had seen her in weeks.  We made her a bouquet and as she got ready to leave she pulled out of her bag an Edible Arrangement!  She wanted us to have an arrangement in return for all of the beautiful bouquets we have made for her!  Then we all had tears in our eyes!  We are not used to all of this emotion but it truly touched our hearts to see so many happy tears.  The things in life that we think are the most simple, ie. giving someone a bouquet, are sometimes the most touching.  We are so grateful to have a business where we get to provide something simple but yet so meaningful; it makes all of the tough times so worth it!

We would like to thank Kathy, the market manager for all of her hard work this year and every year.  Also, we would like to thank all of the volunteers for coming out early each morning and having everything perfectly in place!  Thank you to all of the vendors for providing wonderful products for this community and thank you to everyone who comes to the market to support each and every vendor!  A special shout out to Dawn and Nancy, our fellow Flower ladies who have helped us all season, we could not have done it without you two!

May God truly bless each and every one of you!

A few photos from our Final 2016 market:

flower-fairiesMom and I were dressed up as Flower Fairies!


Here we are with our dear friend and fellow Flower friend Carol!


Some of our Fall Goodies


Pumpkin Arrangement



The Café au Lait dahlias doing their thing


Sweet Evelyn with her Flower crown and bouquet


Phil and Sally, owners of Phil and Sally’s Bakery located in Milton Freewater.  Delicious breads, pies, cookies, candy and she makes beautiful wedding cakes as well!


A sweet sheep directing traffic at Market Headquarters!

Thank you again!

Flower Life

Market at the Parkway – Goodbyes are Never Easy