Winter is a time of rest and planning on the farm. We are busy ordering plant starts/seeds, mapping out the fields and more! We are open at the Public Market in Kennewick all Winter.

Winter in
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Local Florist Deliveries

Last week, I had the opportunity to ride along with Mom during her local florist deliveries……I decided to take some photos and document “A Day in the Life of a Flower Farmer”!  Lets just say I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day and my Mom does this every week solo.  It is hard work, but she has formed so many special relationships and looks forward to seeing each and every customer each week.

The flower community seems to have a rare and special relationship amongst themselves, it is not so much competition, rather, this group of people and business owners have formed a community to help eachother and spread their love of flowers with everyone else.  We hope this positive community continues to grow and we hope to help connect growers, florists and event coordinators to work together and understand how each role plays a part in the industry.

We had a great time sharing photos and stories and hope that this helped advertise for each of our florists!  We especially love that these florists support locally grown flowers and we hope that we can provide flowers for these wonderful people for many years to come!  Thank you all, as always for your support!

A few photos from our delivery route:

Arlenes Shannon

Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts Richland, WA


Bloomz Floral & Boutique Hermiston, OR


Heritage Home Accents & Floral Kennewick, WA


Simplified Celebrations Richland, WA


Kennewick Flower Shop


Kopacz Nursery & Florist Hermiston, OR


Shelby’s Floral Kennewick, WA

Yokes diane 2

Yoke’s on Keene Richland, WA

Yokes kennewick

Yoke’s Kennewick, WA

Yokes Stacey

Yoke’s West Richland, WA

Flower Life

Local Florist Deliveries